Week 6(July 3 — July 9): Team-based assessment

Prakarsh Gupta
2 min readJul 14, 2023



  • In the Overlay PR, there were some features that needed to be added. For example, elements should only be visible when the corresponding data is present, etc. Small but meaningful changes. After doing this, the PR was merged into the branch “gsoc-2023”.
  • We finalized a YAML structure that can incorporate the data of the teams that have completed that task.


  • Variable name: I suggested adding two variables like “teamList” which will have a list of teams that will have to do that particular task. and another variable “teamsImplemented” will have a list of teams that have implemented this task. My mentors suggested having a single variable with the name “teamsImplemented” which is going to be a map with team names and a boolean value if they have implemented it or not.
  • Since DSOMM is an open-source project so public opinions on features are always welcomed. Thus, I have to create a GitHub issue that can open a thread where the community can discuss if there are any problems with this change or not.

I also asked my mentor to give me feedback on my work till now


  • Overall Performance: Good
  • I should work on my communication skills and basically communicate in advance. I used to commit my code right before the meeting, which didn’t give my mentor enough time to review my code.
  • Also, since I haven’t worked with docker or Angular before so I don’t have much knowledge about these technologies. I need to work on that.
  • He also mentioned that I have good development skills :)

Tasks for next week

  • Git issue for change in YAML structure
  • Create a new branch and add a PR for Team-based assessment feature.
  • Features in Team-based assessment: a) Team names under task. b) Change in meta.yaml & generated.yaml c) Adding a filter in the Heatmap page based on teams. d) show teams implemented in the matrix view.

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