Week 7(July 10 — July 16): WIP-Team Based Assessment

Prakarsh Gupta
2 min readJul 21, 2023

Since this is a big feature, it will take more than a week for me to complete it :)

Tasks completed

  • Created a GitHub issue for the change in the YAML structure of our project so that an object of “teamsImplemented” can be stored. The new structure for the variable teamsImplemented looks something like this:
  • Submitted a new PR, which will merge all the code related to the feature team-based assessment to the branch gsoc-2023.


  • While working on the feature where a list of teams will be visible under the task in the right panel on the Heatmap screen, I faced an issue that the variable that holds the data was not accessible. I did make some changes in the schema of the object so that it can hold teamsImplemented objects.
  • To fix this issue, I set up a meeting with my mentors and we all tried debugging this issue. Later on it was fixed by clearing the cache of the browser, turns out that the old state of the variable was stored in cache which needed to be deleted.

Tasks pending

  • Since the data is now accessible, I need to create a UI that can incorporate team list under the task. Also, create a new function that will update the YAML Object when a team checkbox is toggled.
  • After these changes, the %done variable should also be updated so that the colour marking on heatmap can be updated when a team is toggled.
  • Add teamsImplemented variable inside matrix view of the task.
  • Implement a filter feature in heatmap, I still need more clarification on this.

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