Week 12&13(August 15 — August 28): Finishing up Team based assessment

Prakarsh Gupta
2 min readSep 8, 2023



Splitting up Team filter

Since we have introduced Team Groups in our team filter. It is necessare to split the component into two parts Team groups and Individual teams. It will give a more clean look to our team filter.

Old view of team filter
Updated split view of team filter

As you can see in the above snap, a split view provides a better view of the team filter. The group data is defined in teams.yaml file.

Creating a teams section

Teams component

Previously, the list of all teams and team groups were visible through yaml file. Since the user needs a GUI to be able to see teams and team group data, a separate teams component was created which will directly pick data from teams.yamland display it on the teams section.

Creating a side bar component for teams

Apart from adding this, the icons were also re-wired.

Automating chip selection for team filter

The video below will describe what it is: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/64535754/266284113-2bbaba1c-dcbf-47b3-b19e-7d85d9c67b33.mp4

This functionality took some time to complete but it was very necessary.

Tasks for next week

  1. Merge PR: feat/teamAssessment to gsoc-2023
  2. Merge PR: gsoc-2023 to master
  3. Code cleanup

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