IoT Week 1: First step with a udemy course

Prakarsh Gupta
2 min readFeb 18, 2024


I am starting to learn a new skill, Internet of things. And as part of #buildinpublic I will be sharing my weekly updates on the web.

As mentioned in the previous blog, Phase 1(Keeping myself motivated) will be present at all times to keep me motivated. I will be focusing on getting through Phase 2(Taking the first step) in my first few weeks. Since I don’t have much idea as to where to begin, I will begin by enrolling into a Udemy course. Here is a link to the course:

This course helped me figure out the following things
1. How to install Raspbian OS into a SD card.
2. Connecting raspberry pi to my mac.
3. How to run basic python programs using thonny in Raspberry PI
4. Working with LEDs and Buzzers using GPIO pins
5. Sending data to Azure IoT Hub (PaaS)
6. Fetching data from Azure IoT Hub to Power BI for data visualization
7. Using SaaS softwares like and thingspeak
8. Message sending protocols like MQTT

Since I didn’t know what exactly to learn, I might not have been the most efficient self but atleast I know something I didn’t know before.

For next week, I will start learning about different components that I can work on using raspberryPi 4.

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